BREAKING Brognano&Mindstream


Nicola Brognano, winner of Who’s On Next 2016 edition, and the all female art collective Mindstream have decided to partner up in creating a capsule collection of limited edition t-shirts.

The concept of this collaboration is based on one of the collective’s art projects: the Instagram account vogueandconfused, born a few months ago to ironically comment on the fashion system cliches.

The catchphrases gone viral on Vogue&Confused are about stereotypes, manias and obsessions familiar to anyone who works in the fashion world. A selection of those “fashion slogans” is what the capsule collection will be all about.

To remark the pop-satirical spirit of the project, the t-shirts recall the iconic lettering of the street brand Supreme and the work of artist Barbara Kruger.

The collection will be available to buy from September 2017.