Manga Garden

• A cultural clash that on a parallel reality enables the encounter between Dutch painter Carel Willink’s muse, Mathilde Willink, and the Japanese manga aesthetics, all on a set that nods to PET Art – sculptures made from plastic deformed by heat.

• Back in 70s, Mathilde started wearing the creations of Chinese-Dutch fashion designer Fong Leng: a triumph of frills and garments that were considered by the designer true artworks and bore evocative titles such as Chinese roof garden, Wuthering Heights or Bird of Paradise and ultimately earned Mathilde the nickname of Queen of frills.

• A tribute to two famed Vogue Italia fashion contributors: Lele Acquarone, who in his March 2000 scrapbook writes about “frills that bring fashion to take a leap forward: those frills that provide garden texture. Close-knitted: similar to topiary art creations or to pressed petals” and Anna Piaggi of whom we are referencing the “frivolous frills” special from one of her DP pages.

• Two models challenging the traditional concept of beauty: Ali Michael, whose electric personality bursts out of every shot, and Yana, a girl with an otherworldly grace that seems to come from another planet.