One Minute Sculpture

• In 1997 Erwin Wurm started One Minute Sculptures, an ongoing series that combines photography and sculpture: improvised models, precarious and over-the-top poses and interactions with everyday objects that border on the ridiculous create temporary sculptures that last, at times, only a few seconds; the time to shoot a picture.

• The vintage bondage aesthetics with that palette of warm colours and that patina typical of Carlo Mollino’s photography combined with the idea that lies behind Japanese Shibari, the art of transforming the body into a living sculpture.

• Models with a beauty halfway between an alien and a porcelain doll, whose unusual look is emphasized by the make-up: neat lines that define and isolate the individual facial features like in a suprematist painting, in contrast with soft retro-style hair.

• Customized and layered, accessories become one with the model creating a unique microorganism that is reminiscent of Simon Birch and Sarah Lucas’ human photo-installations.