Mindstream is an Italian Female Collective founded by Elisa Zaccanti.


@vogueandconfused is an art project that started as commentary on the stereotypes in the fashion world - I was seeing supreme stuff everywhere and the supreme brand is famously an appropriation of Barbara Kruger - it seemed to me the perfect medium to convey a satirical message, a graphic layout that has become so universally recognizable and popular that everyone would immediately respond to it. The interesting thing is that it started with the editorial fashion world clichés, phrases that would be fun to "those in the know", jargon (and this was also a little tease to the elitism of the fashion world that with the supreme style t-shirt became utterly popular) and after a little while it became a participatory thing - so the models agents were sending me their cliches and then the photographers etc. It started as a performance-like account, something like a guerrilla styling happening, I was using everything I had around to style Bianca and then we were doing our guerrilla styling project on every cool visitor at mindstream's office.